Do You Like To Sing? - Everybody has their own unique voice.  Let's hear it!
ShareMy passion is recreational singing.  There is not enough of it.

I'm searching for friends to sing with, just for the fun of it.  In our "American Idol" culture, it seems that people don't like it. Not ALL of us feel that way!!  I want to commit to doing all that I can to reverse that trend.  The beginning is to just do it, but not just me alone.  I dream of getting lots of people to also participate in the fun of recreational singing.

You're a singer too (or you know somebody who is).  Let's get together.  I'll sing for you.  You sing something too.  Maybe we'll harmonize.  Maybe we'll join others into larger ensembles.  Who knows where we'll end up singing!

Please call or email to get the party started!

Drop back by from time to time as I'll be adding stuff to the website.
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